Pangong Lake

The Pangong Lake, Jammu & Kashmir

Do you call it an epitome of beauty? Or is it an epitome of the wonder that Nature is? Maybe it is an epitome of the-paradise-on-Earth. Oh, oh, I know. It is the epitome of the-most-beautiful-places-one-should-visit-before-they-die.


Actually no.

It’s more, much, much more than all of these together. The word epitome even falls short when it comes to this place.

After travelling for more than 7 hours, winding through hills, up and down, when you catch sight of the electric blue peeking out from behind two hills standing sentinel, your mind refuses to register what your eyes are seeing. You don’t catch your breathe, it simply stops. But you don’t die either. Everything just halts. And only one thought keeps whirring in your mind. Is that blue real? Can such blue actually exist? Yes, such blue does exist but water, such blue water, can it exist?

Here, I can quote that you have to see it to believe it. Wait, I cannot do that. Even if you see it, it is very hard to believe.

And while these thoughts twirled in my mind and I waited for my breathe to normalize, we arrived at the lake. The Pangong Lake. For those who have not recognized it, if such persons exist, with a very heavy heart, let me introduce it by another name, which I don’t want to do. But, well, alas, here goes. The famous 3-Idiots lake.

Yes, exactly what you all are imagining, that beautiful lake that they show at the end of the movie. And, no, neither the movie nor any photographs do justice to the place.

Pangong lake is ethereal.

Visit once and you will keep going for more.

Note:We travelled directly from Leh town to Pangong Tso via Chang La Pass. The road is in good condition and the view, mesmerizing. Since the place is closer to the Indo-China border, one requires inner line permit to visit the place.

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